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Welcome To Our Social Experience Hub

We love hosting a variety of experiences that start with candle making and unfold into many different types of fun as your candle sets. Designed to blend creativity and camaraderie, our speciality classes are typically offered on weekends and are regularly part of private events. Don't see your ideal experience on the calendar? Reach out—sometimes we can add a specialty experience to our daily classes.

Ultimate Candle Class

Dive into the scent-sational world of our everyday candle class. Choose your favorite scents, handpick the ideal vessel, blend aromas, mix wax, and revel in the anticipation of your masterpiece. Craft enthusiasts and curious souls, get ready for a candle odyssey like no other! Once done crafting, participants can choose social activity they want do as a group.

Playing minute to win it games

Flames & Games

Fuel your competitive spirit at Flames and Games night! Craft your custom candle in the first hour. Then, while your candle sets, dive into a thrilling minute-to-win style game night during the second hour. An evening of creativity, laughter, and friendly competition awaits, creating the perfect blend for craft enthusiasts and those with a gaming spirit.

Wax & Wisdom

Discover where candle crafting meets brain teasing! Shape your unique candle in the first hour. Then, while your candle sets, then test your random knowledge chops in a trivia showdown. Designed for team or solo play depending on group size, this evening of brain training offers a perfect blend of creativity and intellect, appealing to both artists and trivia buffs.

Playing trivia
Singing Karaoke

Melt & Melody

Immerse yourself in the symphony of creativity and music at Melt & Melody night. Craft your personalized candle in the first hour. Then, step into the spotlight for a karaoke extravaganza while you wait for your candle to set. A night of harmonious joy, laughter, and creative expression awaits, catering to candle enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

Scents & Sips

Indulge in a sensory fusion of candle crafting and tasting. Design your unique candle in the first hour. Then, savor a curated selection of fine wine, whiskey or tequila during the second. This experience blends craftsmanship with sophistication, where candle artistry meets the pleasure of wine and spirits appreciation. All attendees must be 21+.

Wine tasting
Playing cards

Candles & Card

Experience the perfect blend of camaraderie and strategy. Craft your unique candle in the first hour, then shuffle the deck for competitive card games like Hearts, Rummy, Euchre or Spades during the second. Shared creativity and friendly competition unfolds, where the warm glow of crafted candles meets the strategic play of cards—an unforgettable experience for all.

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