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Our Candle Making Experience

Wondering what exactly you're going to do? No worries—we've got you covered! Below is the general gist of what to expect. Depending on your booking, your experience might also include making extra candles or fun activities such as game competitions, trivia and tastings. Trust us, all of it is really fun.

Explore Scents

Embark on a scent-sational journey as you pick your top fragrances from our library of 50+ single-note scents. Our collection spans earthy, floral, fresh, and fruity aromas—something for every nose! Choose your top 4 favorites and jot them down on the provided worksheet.

Choosing candle vessel

Pick Your Vessel

Enjoying social activities

Based on your chosen experience, you’ll select 1 to 2 containers for your candle(s). You can choose from the variety of the included options or opt to upgrade to larger, more intricate vessels. Your candle, your style!

Blend Your Fragrance

Unleash your inner scent sorcerer! Blend your chosen scents, creating a fragrance that's uniquely yours. While we recommend 2-3 scents, it is completely up to you. Want serenity? Imagine sage, mint, and pine in a dance of calm. Craving freshness? Dive into the crisp harmony of Elderflower, Hops, and Sea Side. The options are endless.

Exploring scents
Blending fragrance

Pour Your Candle

Time to dive into the magic. Hit the wax station, load up your pouring pot with our all-natural coconut wax, infuse it with your crafted fragrance, and pour the enchantment into your chosen vessel.

Keep The Good Times Going

As your creation takes form, settle into more fun. Your candle needs about an hour to set, providing the perfect opportunity to unwind in our lounge space or engage in delightful activities with your fellow chandlers. While you hang, we’ll add the finishing touches to your masterpiece so your candle is ready to go when you are.

Pouring wax
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